• How Can Combining Lemon and Baking Soda Save Lives?

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    Lemon and Baking Soda – These two ingredients alone can do some pretty amazing things, but combining them makes them even stronger!  This is a combination that big Pharma companies don't want you to know about.  Be sure to share, you never know who this will help!

    Click the link be to know How Can Combining Lemon and Baking Soda Save Lives?

    How Can Combining Lemon and Baking Soda Save Lives?

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    45 Responses to “How Can Combining Lemon and Baking Soda Save Lives?”

    1. Can you list any sources for these many studies?

    2. How can I believe this . Wen there is so much bs like this posted up everyday . Then u share it and someone’s proves it to be all s**t ????

    3. Thanks Elise Evans xx

    4. Ok. Chemo works about 3% of the time. So 10,000 times better would be killing…what…300 cancers at once?

    5. As much as i would like to believe this, there’s no way it adds up. But lemons do help cancer fighting cells – as well as many raw vegetables. Chemo is not the only thing working but hospitals advise it to make a practice and promote the CDC. Everyone has cancer cells, this in not the problem, it’s when those white cells over produce causing our body to not have room for Nerva/veins/organs/etc. chemo kills all your cells also weakens some stopping your fighting ones from working that’s why they give you drugs with it and have several chemo sessions . You most certainly don’t need chemo. Just change your diet and stay away from electronics and microwaves

    6. I’m sure they are beneficial, but it concerns me when claims like this are made… If they were that efficacious, surely our medical system would be leading the way in using them as a treatment…. This post is naive…. In my opinion…

      • Be assured ma’am if cancer were cured, there would be too many out of a job, pharmacists, hospitals, insurances,morticians. Do not fool yourself, there are cures out there, but who would make any money then? The medicines that are out there for cancers, or just any disease, often give symptoms much worse than the person is trying to treat. I do not put all my faith into a doctor!

      • Rennie, with all due respect, YOUR POST is naive! Our so called medical system is all about making money. These big corporations don’t give a rip about your health. They want MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! If they cannot patent something you won’t ever hear about it through them. You cannot patent NATURAL remedies, therefore you have to study up on your own to find out information. There are THOUSANDS of testimonies of people healing themselves with MMS, Baking Soda & Maple syrup, The Budwig Protocol, Juicing, Enzyme Therapy. Apricot Kernals, and the list goes on and on and on. Don’t be a mindless drone and believe everything your “doctor” tells you. You will die.

    7. The medical profession is only out for money…no money to be made on just plain old lemons and baking soda…they can’t patent them.

    8. At least try it .. See what hsppens,, I am sure it won’t hurt.. I am going to start drinking purée mom juice cause I know it is good…

    9. Borislav Alexandrov Erika Michele Akopyan

    10. If you think doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are compassionate healers you are delusional. They are money makers. They kill people and then say oh well, they were sick when they got here. I would refuse chemo and will start using lemon & baking soda today.

    11. Big Pharma will NEVER allow that to happen! There was a microbiologist at Eli Lilly who found a cure for diabetes. His employment was terminated and all his work destroyed. Insulin is big money, a one shot injection to cure, cuts off their cash cow.

    12. Darren Goulter Kerryn Tibbett

    13. All of these cancers and diseases can be killed or controlled by our diet alone. Don’t let the media or doctors tell you otherwise. Educate yourselves and be healthier.

    14. I’m pretty sure morticians have their job security.

    15. There are benefits but the headline is drivel, completely without any evidence.

    16. MeganAnd Wes Aldous, have you read this?

    17. I would love to see people post and make some comments if this has worked for them to get rid of cancer. There is so much of it in Nova Scotia Canada!

    18. I’d like to hear from people who have been cured from Cancer using lemon and baking soda.




    22. I brush my teeth everyday with baking soda. Five days a week, every morning at work, I cut one lemon, put it in a glass, add a little cranberry juice, water. I replenish with water all day long. I don’t go to a gym, but i exercise in my kitchen when i cook dinner. I’m down to a size 4.

    23. they both aid in alkalizing your system which protects against cancer!

    24. This if it really works is awesome.

    25. Been hearing a lot of good things about baking soda. Eat and use it in good health!


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