• Benefits Coconut Oil Can Give Your Dog

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    Coconut oil is quickly developing as go to remedy for many!  No longer is it only found in health food stores, large markets have been started to convey various brands because of the expanded interest. Individuals have found the health benefits from cooking with it, baking with it and actually utilizing coconut oil as a hair conditioner. We use it on  ourselves, but what about our dogs?  Can they benefit from it as well, the answer is extremely interesting.

    Click the link below to know How Coconut Oil Is Good For Your Dog

    How Coconut Oil Is Good For Your Dog

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    5 Responses to “Benefits Coconut Oil Can Give Your Dog”

    1. love coconut oil!! so wonderful

    2. Cynthia Pinal Rachel Franco

    3. Also excellent for dogs. I put 1 tsp. in his food.

    4. I give daily with a regular organic diet of real food rather than “dog” food