• Women Learn Why Weight Training May Burn More Calories Than Cardio

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  • Weight lifting, physical activities in which people lift weights, also known as weight training is beneficial to your health.  Find out why by reading this article!
    weight-lifting-for-women-115Article By: Jean Joseph
    It’s a common misconception that only men should lift weights. Lifting weights does not mean you absolutely have to sport 20 inch biceps.  People tend to associate weights with bodybuilding, and ripped oversized bodybuilders. The truth is just about everyone can and should lift weights, men, women, young, and old.  Lifting weights hold so many benefits that we can all tap into. Weight training helps against belly fat, cancer, heart disease, and stress. Weight training combined with your cardio will inevitably make you look and feel better, it results in a toner tighter body.

    According to the National Center for Health Statistics only twenty one percent engage in strength training. Women are often unaware of the benefits of a weight training regimen. Weight training can help women complete day to day tasks such as different kinds of housework, climbing stairs, and even carry a child with much more efficiency. Weight training gives you the ability to specifically target certain parts of the body-for example, a woman seeking to have a firmer tighter behind can specifically target these muscles by performing squats and other exercises that target these muscle groups.

    As women age their muscle mass begins to deplete, weight training can be used to counter this process. Women also tend to lose bone density as they age, weight training can also prevent this lose. Weight training also improves your balance, and strengthens muscle needed to protect joints. Improving balance is a big help in injury prevention especially among the elderly who take much longer to recover, or might be more susceptible to permanent injury.

    Woman of all ages can benefit from weight training. A woman losing weight can greatly benefit due to the fact that as fat tissue is being shed muscle tissue will be toned giving the tight toned look that we often seek. A recent study from the University of Southern Main shows that weight training to burn calories may be more efficient than cardio. Participants in this study burned as much calories doing 30 minutes of weight training as participants who did 30 minutes of cardio. Some exercise sociologists have estimated that up to 36 hours after lifting the body is still burning calories, this is due to the fact that after lifting weights, your body uses energy to repair its muscle fibers.

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