• When California Runs Out Of Water, America Will Lose One-third Of Its Fresh Produce

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  • Learn what will happen to America when California runs out of water and reverts back to the desert it once was. Check out the article we found over at Natural News.

    (NaturalNews) As Michael Snyder points out in a timely article at The Economic Collapse Blog, California is rapidly reverting back to the desert it was once.

    Awareness of this is only now beginning to spread, but almost no one truly grasps the implications of what losing California's Central Valley agricultural output means to grocery shoppers.

    Almost no one realizes, for example, that one-third of all the produce grown in the United States comes out of California's Central Valley. As the NYT explains:

    Unlike the Midwest, which concentrates (devastatingly) on corn and soybeans, more than 230 crops are grown in the valley… melons, lettuce, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, chard, collards, prickly pears, almonds, pistachios, grapes and more tomatoes than anyone could conceive of in one place. (The valley is the largest supplier of canned tomatoes in the world too.)

    That same article also mentions that 85% of the carrots consumed by Americans are grown in the valley. As Michael Snyder mentions in this article, California also produces:

    99 percent of the artichokes
    89 percent of cauliflower
    94 percent of broccoli
    95 percent of celery
    90 percent of the leaf lettuce
    83 percent of Romaine lettuce
    83 percent of fresh spinach
    90 percent of avocados
    84 percent of peaches
    88 percent of fresh strawberries
    97 percent of fresh plums

    Losing the ability to produce crops in the Central Valley means food prices will skyrocket across America: a pound of organic strawberries might cost $25, a single avocado might run you $10, and a head of organic romaine lettuce might set you back $12 or more.

    The more scarce food becomes, the more expensive it gets. That's all the more reason to learn how to grow your own, because growing your own food is not only dirt cheap; it's incredibly easy now.

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    Read full article: America to lose one-third of its fresh produce when California runs out of water

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    1. Should take these warnings seriously instead of $#%&!@*uming a culture of en$#%&!@*lement. Quit relying on the natural resources of your Canadian friends and change your life styles to come up with solutions of your own. Just sayin’.