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    When you say Sugar  Apple, most people have never heard of this fruit.  Most think, it's an apple with some sugar on it, which is far from what it is!  Sugar apple is rich in vitamin C which helps in neutralizing the free radicals in the body. Learn more health benefits we can get from sugar apple.

    The sugar-apple is a relative of the soursop (guyabano). It is smaller in size and has no soft spikes. Like the soursop it also has sweet, delicious and creamy white flesh and black seeds. The taste is described as a cross between a pear and a coconut. Sugar-apple is one of the fruits that contain protein.

    sugar apple

    1. Helps prevent asthma (Vitamin C – 151%)

    If you’re suffering from asthma, sugar-apple may be good for you. Eating sugar-apple can supply an excellent amount of vitamin C, one of the potent anti-oxidants which may help decrease the risk of developing asthma, a common airway inflammation.2. Helps control sugar levels (Fiber – 44%)2. Two sugar-apples can provide over half of the DV of fiber. Dietary fiber has shown to slow down the absorption of sugar in the body and a high fiber diet has been linked with a lower risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

    3. Keeps the heart healthy (Vitamin B6 – 25%)

    How can the sugar-apple apple be heart-friendly? Through its rich vitamin B6 content. This B vitamin has been found to prevent homocystein build-up. A high level of this amino acid in the blood is associated with a higher risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.

    4. Lowers blood pressure levels (Potassium – 18%)

    It is also rich in potassium, the mineral known to regulate blood pressure levels by controlling the effects of sodium in the body.

    5. Helps the body produce energy (Thiamin – 18%)

    Feeling a little tired? Sugar-apple is a good source of thiamin, a nutrient which helps sugar turn into energy.


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