• Top 10 Most Significant Nutrients All Women Need

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    Certain nutrients are especially important for women at particular times of life to maintain their health!  Do you know if you are getting enough of these nutrients?  Well, you better find out…after all it's your health!  Here are some of the nutrients best for women.

    Everyone’s nutrient needs are not exactly the same. While most people benefit from the same vitamins and minerals, a woman’s needs can be a little different because her body goes through different things throughout life.

    healthy women


    Here are some nutrients that are important for women to get.

    1. Folic acid

    Folic acid is especially important for women of child-bearing age, but all women benefit from this vitamin. For women of child-bearing age it’s an important vitamin because it promotes healthy pregnancy. Lack of folic acid can result in neural tube defects that lead to cerebral palsy. In addition to taking a prenatal vitamin for folic acid, you can get folic acid from leafy green vegetables, avocado, and liver.

    2. Iron

    Iron is important for growth and development. Deficiency of iron can result in fatigue, insomnia, and lack of concentration. Iron stores and carries oxygen around the body. Women lose blood on a monthly basis during menstruation, which results in iron loss because iron travels through the blood. It’s important that women make sure they get enough iron during this time to replenish what is lost. Good sources of iron include red meat, broccoli, kidney, beans, and liver.

    3. Calcium

    Calcium is an important mineral for keeping bones and teeth healthy and strong. It’s needed throughout life and even more so as we age because around age 35 we begin to lose calcium. Calcium is also a factor in staying slim and reducing PMS symptoms. Good sources of calcium include milk, cheese, spinach, kale, almonds, and black beans.

    4. Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is an important vitamin that many people don’t get enough of. If you want to know if you’re getting enough, you can ask your doctor to check your levels. Most people get vitamin D from the sun, but it’s not always as easy as that. A supplement is a good idea if you avoid the sun or live in a place that doesn't get sun for months on end. Vitamin D is beneficial for mood, breast health, and the absorption of calcium, which is important for bones and teeth.

    5. Magnesium

    Magnesium is involved in many of the chemical reactions that happen in the body. It is an important nutrient for nerves, muscle tone and keeps bones strong. It also helps keep osteoporosis at bay. Magnesium can help to prevent cardiovascular disease and regulate blood pressure. Sources of magnesium include pumpkin seeds, spinach, black beans, halibut, and almonds.




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