• Three Liters of Water Everyday, Equals Amazing Results!

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  • Her doctor suggested lowering her caffeine intake and genuinely expanding her water consumption. She appears to be in her low to mid thirties! Her mystery? The wellspring of youth is obviously right in our sink. Look at her Amazing results. The article from Positive Med below explains her results.

    The 42 year old Englishwomen hoped that drinking more water would alleviate her headaches and poor digestion somewhat, but she never expected the additional benefits of staying well hydrated. The woman, who is known as Sarah, took a picture of herself before beginning her experiment and at one-week intervals for four weeks. In addition to her headaches disappearing before the end of the first week, her normally sluggish digestive system also began functioning normally.


    The additional benefit that Sarah did not expect was a more youthful appearance. The dark circles and wrinkles around her eyes were completely gone after four weeks, and her usually dull skin appeared fresh and dewy. Although Sarah did not lose a lot of weight, she did lose two pounds, her waistline shrank by an inch and the cellulite she once had disappeared. Overall, Sarah says she looks and feels 10 years younger, and will continue drinking water at the same rate since realizing its benefits.

    While the advantages of drinking nearly a gallon of water every day are considerable, the greatest inconvenience is needing to urinate at least twice as often as before. This is not a great problem at home, but can be irritating when out and about. This issue can be dealt with somewhat by drinking the allotted quantity of water in large amounts morning, noon and night. This does a good job of flushing the kidneys and expelling most of the liquid at one time. Anyone considering increasing their fluid consumption should discuss the possible benefits and cautions with their health care provider before beginning this program.


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