• The Two Foods You Should Never, Eat After Exercise

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    Exercise is something you need to take part in everyday to help with maintain great health! Did you know that there are 2 foods that you should never ever eat after exercise? Read more to know what these two food are!

    By Dr. Joseph Mercola

    If you're like most people, one of the biggest hurdles you face when trying to maintain an exercise program is finding the time to do it on a regular basis. The great news is, you might never have to resort to this excuse ever again!

    There's increasing amounts of evidence supporting the notion that you can cut your workout time significantly while reaping better benefits.

    The study above is yet another example of how a significantly shorter workout, performed at greater intensity, can give you better results than your conventional strength training routine.

    The UF Health Science Center explains:

    “Called NeGator, it uses eccentric — or negative — resistance training, which capitalizes on the fact that the human body can support and lower weights that are too heavy to lift.

    Through a system of motors, pulleys, cams and sensors it adds weight when a person is performing a lowering motion, and removes that weight when the person is lifting.

    … The team has distilled down to what a person needs to do to get the benefit of strength training while doing as few exercises as possible in as little time as possible as infrequently as possible.”

    Here — just as in my Sprint 8 exercise — you're striving for maximum effort during one set. And then you're done.

    The NeGator workout described above is a great way to lower your exercise time but it will not increase your growth hormone like Peak 8 exercises do. I have been exercising for over four decades and in my mind this is the biggest improvement in exercise training I have seen in that time.

    I certainly didn't invent it. I actually used a specific type of Sprint 8 exercises, interval training, when I was in high school, college, and medical school. But like most people, when I finished school, I stopped exercising like that.

    Sprint 8 type exercises are what kids and animals spontaneously do. It is the natural way to stay fit and one of the only ways we know to increase growth hormone naturally.

    fruit juices

    Two Foods You Should Never Eat After Sprint 8 Exercises

    It would be best to AVOID all sugar and fruit juice for two hours after your workout, otherwise you will obliterate the growth hormone response and ruin the major benefit of the workout, which is to increase your growth hormone level. Remember that after age 35, your growth hormone levels radically decrease.

    The reason why restricting these carbs after exercise works is that they will prevent the production of the hormone somatostatin. One of the primary purposes of this hormone is to inhibit the production of human growth hormone.

    Virtually all exercises, certainly nearly all cardio or standard aerobics, fail miserably when it comes to increasing growth hormone. So if you decide to use the only type of exercise that will increase growth hormone, then it would be a shame to make a foolish food choice that would wipe out most of the benefit from doing these amazing types of exercise.

    When you break your exercise session into intervals like this — short segments that alternate high intensity with a rest period in-between – you can dramatically improve your cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning capabilities in a fraction of the time.

    This makes logical sense when you consider that, historically, long-duration exercise isn't “natural.” Our ancient ancestors never ran for mile after mile without rest or recovery. Their exercise was primarily hunting — short bursts of exertion, followed by periods of rest.

    By exercising in short bursts, followed by periods of recovery, you recreate exactly what your body needs for optimum health, and that includes both the production of growth hormones and the burning of excess body fat.

    Please understand that the sugar and juice restriction are really intended for nearly everyone reading this whose primary purpose is to increase human growth hormone naturally, through exercise, to improve their health.

    There is a very small group of elite and professional athletes who are actively competing, where increasing growth hormone is not their primary goal. For these athletes, consuming some carbs, preferably dextrose-based, in the recovery period is probably a good idea to improve their recovery time, as they are competing and not so concerned about long-term growth hormone levels.

    It is also important to understand that the two hour post workout sugar restriction is for Sprint 8 exercises NOT for strength training or, if you chose to, aerobic exercises. Since neither of these exercises increases growth hormone, there is not an issue with the sugar restriction within the bounds of replacing needs generated from the exercise.


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    3 Responses to “The Two Foods You Should Never, Eat After Exercise”

    1. Sounds like rubbish to me . Sugar = insulin spike . Insulin needed for hgh to work correctly !

    2. I rarely eat “sugar” and never drink “fruit juice” but exercise all day almost every day


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