• The Nightmare of The Pharmaceutical Industry- Baking Soda

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    Baking soda was one of the few products many years ago on the market for cleaning your teeth or settling an upset stomach. But did you know that Baking Soda nowadays can give more health benefits?  Baking Soda actually has saved a lot of lives in the emergency room and making headway in diseases like cancer and diabetes.

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    The Nightmare of The Pharmaceutical Industry- Baking Soda

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    91 Responses to “The Nightmare of The Pharmaceutical Industry- Baking Soda”

    1. I know good for upset stomac I use it works

    2. You can even clean your pool with it rather than all different chemicals.

    3. my grandmother – my grand aunt my mom’s cure for almost anything – been using it for deordant now for anout a year – it works – brush teeth – clean pots – now days if you want advice one goes to “the doctors” – really ??? – – —what and how do you think folks way back then survived ? — if you want proven facts go to the testimonies of “way back then people”

    4. I know a man who worked in a hospital and his job was to alkalize with baking soda. It sure is true!

    5. I have gout. Sounds like something I will try if I feel the heat and soreness starting in my foot.

    6. Definitely try it. I can usually start to feel it at night and I’ll mix it up and drink it before bed. Again in the morning and maybe the next night and morning and its always gone away by then since I found this remedy. I used to get it once or twice a year so bad that I wouldn’t be able to walk or sleep for a couple days because of the pain. In the last 4 years I’ve had it that bad once and one other time just bad enough that it was uncomfortable and both those times I know I didn’t act when I should have. The only thing I have read is that it can raise your blood pressure so if you have problems with that be careful. Another helpful thing I have found is get pH strips at your local health store and check your pH when you think it may be coming on. Gout will attack when your pH drops to between 5.0-5.5 the baking soda takes your body back to neutral and that’s why it goes away.

    7. It is anecdotal because no studies have been done and probably won’t be. Who do you expect to pay for these studies, the big pharma? It takes a lot of money to run these long term double blinded studies and nobody is willing to sponsor them because there’s no money to be made and actually would hard pharmaceutical industry in terms of billions …! However hundreds of years of its use is enough to support its efficacy and safety for many disorders. You don’t need a study to show that the sun rises every morning because it’s obvious and you’ve observed it as have your parents and friends for ever. Same with many anecdotal remedies!

    8. Thanks for you input. I believe in natural remedies. My point was that it is sad that these alternative remedies aren’t more well studied because that is how the medical community recognizes

    9. It’s not bad to use on occasion but is not good for daily use! Just an example it is used to treat gas and bloating in your stomach but can be dangerous if used daily and will cause more harm than good! Everything in moderation…

    10. hydrogen peroxide in water provides oxygen to fight cancer

    11. My husband gets really bad headaches, I mix 1/2 tsp. of baking soda in a glass of water, poof, gone.

    12. Baking Soda is amazing and we use it a lot in our household!

    13. Bonnie Galan Martinez
      Richard F Martinez
      Debra Velasquez
      Jennifer Maldonado

    14. All i see in shops is bakeing powder or bicarb of soda….which ??

    15. Jordan, do you really think the big Pharmaceutical companies or even the government is going to spend millions of dollars to research natural cures. the articles are usually written by everyday folks and not by lawyers or those paid by Pharmaceutical companies. also, who sets the standard for peer reviews or clinical reviews, the people that are paid by the Pharmaceutical companies. money talks and BS walks. has anyone ever really listened to the medical commercials on tv and thought about all the side effects they have compared to what they say they will help cure. these drugs are approved by the government. then there are the law suit commercials with these approved drugs that are all over the TV. Pharmaceutical companies are here to make a profit, not to cure your ails.

    16. Read the book “Cancer Is A Fungus”.

    17. the links in this article go to financial sites

    18. Was your cousin sick before they went to him…..?

    19. bicarb of soda is baking soda.

    20. Thank you brenda was real confused x….

    21. I agree with you 100%, where does the money really go. They say there, oh yes, we need money for certain Diseases, so now they have certain relalities to put money towards. And they have been doing this for years. Now there is no cure, but people still give money for this cure. Is the income tax so good that they can not see the problem. I really wonder what is going on in our world. Are they that stupid, that they can not reliaze what is happening

    22. Shhhh be quiet or they will patent it and make it illegal to buy.

    23. if he was not sick why would he be treated …..

    24. I use it almost daily…..

    25. Really, why is there still so many dying from Xa?

    26. apparently, the best time to take it is last thing at night before bed, because while youre sleeping, it works on things like Tumours, while youre inactive.

    27. Sorry Jenn Ann but research more deeply, and be prepared to be amazed at the Cancer Cures that are happening & have been for quite a long time. No good for the huge Drug Industries though…
      they want the $….not the cure of Cancers.

    28. Jenn Ann the body needs to be in a more alkaline state. Acidic, which so many eating habits cause, make an inflamatory state, which can lead to cancers .

    29. more people die from the side effects, eventually, of all the Chemical drugs Doctors prescribe, than by natural cures. ever read the side-effects ? ridiculous, and crazy. Some of them make worse the symptoms that the patient saw the Doctor for in the first place . Then…who’se nuts ? The Doc, or the patient who’s read the warnings and takes them anyway ??