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    The 10 Commandments of Weight Loss

    Everybody wants to maintain their body fit and healthy. So here are some tips on How to lose weight.

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    How Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight

    It’s a well known fact that we’re huge devotees of Meditation. It helps us rest, De-stress, battle irritation, and concentrate. One of meditation profits is its impact on our longings for food.

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    10 Dangerous Weight-Loss Plans That We Should Avoid

    Like it or not, bathing-suit season is fast approaching and the time is now to get in shape. There’s no need to resort to extreme or dangerous measures, however. The best ways to lose weight remain the same: eat a sensible, low-calorie and low-fat diet and ramp up your exercise routine. Don’t fall into one of these ten traps that may seem like good ideas but can actually do damage to your health. After all, you can’t rock that bikini if you’re not feeling healthy.

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