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    Can Soup Help You to Lose Weight?

    Here’s the simple soup science: The more often you eat soup, the more likely you are to shrink your waist, lose weight, and lower your total body fat (your body mass index, or BMI). That’s all according to recent research confirming previous soup-slimming studies.

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    Thai Ginger-Cilantro Soup Recipe

    Here is a Soup recipe full of flavor that will have your taste buds dancing. I decided to share and remix this a little but I love the recipe. This recipe is for those wanting variety in your foods that are still healthy but more importantly, helps you to achieve your desired goals.

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    Creamy Cauliflower Soup

    The following soup is just one example of the tasty plant-based recipes in The Blender Girl. I love how it features a brief ingredient list and uses raw cashews or almonds for creaminess, without the need for heavy cream. With our fickle Spring weather, this soup is a perfect meal for a chillier evening!

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