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    Foods to Prevent Clogged Arteries

    Arteries are the plumbing system of our body – they carry blood rich in oxygen and nutrients to every cell. Just like a house with bust plumbing is doomed, so too is the body if we let the arteries get clogged and hardened. Food high in saturated fats, processed sugars and chemicals, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, and lack of exercise, will reduce the arteries’ circumference, as gunk gets deposited on the walls. This condition is known as arteriosclerosis, and it’s a major risk factor for heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

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    Silent Signs You May Have Clogged Arteries and What to Eat to Prevent it

    Preventing heart disease in patients is my main goal, but early detection is the next best thing. This can lead to changes in lifestyle and medical therapies that can delay or deny the onset of a heart attack; almost 80 percent of heart disease is preventable with lifestyle changes. Many of my patients are shocked to learn about the following clues to underlying heart disease.

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    Miracle Remedy For Clogged Arteries

    Chronic Diseases are not new in this day and age, so here is a Miracle Remedy for you to help with clogged arteries and cleans blood vessels.

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