• Some Extraordinary Uses of Coffee

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    Coffee is one of the most common drink people have every day. But did you know that it has other uses aside from drinking it? Learn some of it by reading this Extraordinary Uses of Coffee.

    Like for example, the Coffee grounds after brewing could still be useful on some other things, and so with the can and the java itself. In this post, I’m sharing Reader’s Digest article on some Surprising Uses for Coffee worth emulating for. With coffee: You can stop headaches You can fix furniture You can clean your car and many more.

    You can halt headaches!

    A clinical trial in Illinois found that caffeine, which reduces the swelling of blood vessels, can reduce both the intensity and frequency of headaches. Subjects in one group were given caffeine alone, and 58 percent reported complete relief. Subjects in the other group were given caffeine in combination with ibuprofen, and 70 saw symptoms disappear.

    cofee for headaches

    You can clean your car!

    To keep your car smelling fresh and clean, place a small open container filled with freshly ground coffee beans where it won't get knocked over. The grounds will absorb any strong odors you bring into the car—the smell of fast food, for example.

    You can fix furniture!

    Is that small crack, nick, or gouge all you can see each time you look at your dark wood dresser? Reach for the instant coffee. Mix 2-3 tablespoons with just enough water to make a thick paste; for wood with red tones, add a few drops of iodine. Put the paste on a small putty knife or a disposable plastic knife and use it to fill the crack. Remove any excess around the edges with a barely damp cloth. Let the paste dry completely, then buff with furniture wax.

    You can speed up your composting!

    Pour on coffee (or tea, or non-diet cola) to increase the bacterium population and help both soil and compost break down faster.

     photo by: blog.peerindex.com

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