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  • turmeric

    Turmeric may be the best dietary supplement presently known to man-kind. There are over 5600 studies that demonstrate it is extremely beneficial to your  body and mind.  If you're not convinced that you need to add tumeric to your daily diet, then read this article

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    1. I drink two smoothies a day the first smoothie is for breakfast and that includes coconut milk )full fat), Chia seeds, turmeric, dehydrated spinach, dehydrated kale, flaxseed meal, wheatgerm, cats claw, raw cocoa, raw honey, frozen banana and blueberries. In the evening it’s pretty much the same but no banana and instead of cats claw I use devils claw. I ran out of chlorella and wheatgrass but when I find them again they Will be added again.

    2. Watch saying that it’s healthy. The FDA has a history of going after healthy foods because they treat medical issues as “unapproved drugs.” They banned vitamin b17 extract for effective treating cancer as an unapproved drug and even went after the walnut industry after advertising their health benefits.

    3. that sounds really good Joyce, thanks!!

    4. I sprinkle it on everything!

    5. Do you use turmeric root? I can’t find any.

    6. I’ll have to try this. I don’t have a juicer but I do have a blender — I think this should work just as well, right?

    7. I got some turmeric root. 🙂 At the health food store. 🙂 They just started bringing it in. 🙂 I do a whole root with my ginger and apple now in the morning. It is sooooo gooood!! 🙂

    8. Suzy E Morris Carmen Agius Eddie Suliman Melody Eh ( hot water/1/4 teaspoon of tumeric/1/2 teaspoon cinnamon/ a lemon wedge squeezed and dropped in drink/ and honey to taste) drink one or two of the those a day and let me know if you see a difference in your cold.. it works.. ask Eddie Suliman xo

    9. Suzy E Morris Carmen Agius don’t go into this add, its not the best, look up Tumeric though

    10. I do not normally use Turmeric, but have heard a lot about the health benefits and have been wanting to try it. And, this little recipe!

    11. Well! That’s the end of reasonably priced turmeric!

    12. Been taking turmeric supplements for over a year now…very beneficial for arthritis!

    13. I was told I had high iron – went to my friendly health food store and was told to take turmeric as it would attract the iron and flush it out – after three months, went back to my doctor for blood work and my iron level has dropped to just below normal

    14. I take it everyday. Great for my arthritis, I’ve got one of my clients dogs on it as well

    15. I put some in my cooking

    16. Ever since we heard about turmeric health care we use it daily as a drink. Spice on salads. All cooking. Feel great.

    17. So, with tumeric and basil, I will live healthier!!

    18. Jesse Lafleur you may want to read this

    19. angelique says:
      “I’ve been drinking this first thing instead of tea or coffee, it’s a great morning detox too:)”
      From: http://www.extremenaturalhealth.com/research-proves-turmeric-is-as-effective-as-14-drugs/comment-page-2/#comment-23069

    20. Sylvia says:
      “I was told I had high iron – went to my friendly health food store and was told to take turmeric as it would attract the iron and flush it out – after three months, went back to my doctor for blood work and my iron level has dropped to just below normal”
      From: http://www.extremenaturalhealth.com/research-proves-turmeric-is-as-effective-as-14-drugs/comment-page-2/#comment-23027

    21. I put about a tsp. in my breakfast smoothy ,it really doesn’t change the taste.

    22. As a Renal patient on dialysis, I use it to help when the itching is especially bad. It actually helps. I may have to try it in a smoothie though.

    23. My homemade granola calls for two teaspoons of cinnamon. I add 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1 tsp of turmeric.

    24. Turmeric juice is good ,to cool down fever.I used to put turmeric in paksiw na tilapia or any ginataang isda .

    25. I have used it for years but found no difference ” It’s ALL in your heads “lol

    26. We put a little in almost everything..

    27. I sprinkle it on most everything.

    28. Since i start using this tumeric,, i did never had an asthma attack,cough and colds,,

    29. Good to know, thanks for sharing.

    30. I use it when making a soup or when cooking ground meats. I also used it when my dog was diagnosed with cancer, she was given 3 weeks to live and we got 3 months which I credit to turmeric which I mixed with peanut butter in her kong..

    31. Use it all the time cooking.

    32. Tumeric and ginger is definitely good for arthritis. When I stop using I can feel it.

    33. You can buy at whole foods.

    34. turmeric can be used in any meat or vegetables dishes even if make tea with it n add some ginger in it it’s a great thing to used I’m using this product since I was a kid my parents n grandparents used this everyday

    35. Have to try I would much sooner use something natural than mass produce chemicals I refused to take hormone therapy made of chemicals for menopause the risks out weigh the benefits went herbal and found the same benefits with less serious side effects herbs and herbal medicine had been around for thousands of years compared to chemical produced products the side effects from these drugs are scary I love the tv commercials with 20 different side effects that could kill you but it will cure what your taking it for of course it will cause the side effects could kill you so you don’t have to worry about what was wrong in the first place

    36. this is always present in my ingredient without ginger my menu Is tasteless except fried egg

    37. I use golden milk to help with osteopo arthritis. Daily.

    38. I put it in chicken soup ,stir fry, warm milk for chest congestion , chicken dishes , can add to can soups


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