• Processed Milk Is Bad For Your Bones

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  • Pasteurized Milk

    Pasteurized milk  is milk that has been exposed briefly to high temperatures to destroy microorganisms and prevent fermentation. The processed milk industry spends millions of dollars a year but the truth of the matter is that conventional milk is unhealthy.

    (NaturalNews) Most milk does a body BAD, not good, but it's the biggest lies that are more likely to be believed, and there are myths that refuse to die. So, in the name of good health, let's try to rid ourselves of them now.

    Food that is cooked dead is useless

    Did you know that pasteurized milk is dead milk? The nutrients are lost, burned up at high heat, between 145°F and 160°F for about 30 seconds. Yep, that milk's dead. Did you know that calcium alone does not build bones or bone density? Let's start this off with those infamous words, pasteurized and homogenized. Homogenized and pasteurized are bad, bad words. Were you taught differently growing up? Did the school books brainwash you? Did the commercials say just the opposite, that milk helps build strong bones? Is your “dead” milk polluted with inflammatory carcinogens, medications, hormones, antibiotics, pus, pathogens, bacteria, viruses and artery-clogging animal fat?
    A few years ago, David Wolfe, nutritionist, best-selling author and world traveler, speaking via Natural News, said it best:

    Okay, well the nations that consume the most calcium, the United States, Canada and the Scandinavian countries, have the worst osteoporosis and that's because our theory of mineralization or our theory of nutrition is incorrect. The general theory is that a hundred years ago they started looking at people's bones. They found out that, “oh my god; these bones are made out of calcium”. When people don't have enough bone density the thought is, “oh they just have to eat more calcium because that's what builds bones”. Calcium does not build bones and that is one of the biggest misconceptions ever and it actually goes to the real core of our problems with science. …

    What increases bone density? Well, it turns out it's two other minerals and that is silicon and magnesium.

    Pasteurized Milk

    Pasteurized milk – this is NOT good

    The goal with pasteurization is to kill potentially bad bacteria, but at what cost? It kills all the beneficial bacteria and damages the minerals and vitamins. Plus, pasteurization denatures the proteins. This milk gets heated over 160°F for half a minute to “sterilize” what you'll probably have trouble digesting. Even “low-temp” pasteurization stops at around 145°F, still killing most of the beneficial enzymes.

    Homogenized milk – this is NOT good

    Around the turn of the 20th century, homogenization became the “industry standard,” because people liked not having to shake up all the fat globules for consistency. This process rearranges the fat and protein molecules, which ALTERS how they act in the human body. Then you have “fortified” milk with vitamins A and D added back in so that the general population feels better about drinking milk past infancy.


    Read full article: http://www.naturalnews.com/045654_processed_milk_bone_health_pasteurization.html

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