• Powerful Healing Drink – Warm Lemon Water & Turmeric

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  • For a few years now, I've been starting the day with warm lemon water due to its huge health benefits. Lemon water, among numerous different things, detoxifies the body by giving the digestive system a kick in the morning. But lately, I've been adding in turmeric and am loving the results!  I feel amazing for the whole day!

    Click the link below to know the powerful healing drink – warm lemon water and Turmeric

    Powerful Healing Drink – Warm Lemon Water & Turmeric

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    136 Responses to “Powerful Healing Drink – Warm Lemon Water & Turmeric”

    1. I drink this every morning. 🙂

    2. Almond milk at night + same ingredients ,+ ginger , cumin, cinnmon..tryptophan helps relax. .puts you to sleep, then the lemon/ honey / turmeric / cinnamon morning early morning for energy.

    3. I’ve taken Collagen Neocell w/ Vit.C, & “Osteo Bi-FLex, Advanced w/ 5 Loxins”.very effective in Arthritic , joint discomforts (DJD -joint degenerative bone disease- every old people’ nightmare). I’ve recommended to my pts.Of course you have to stay away from sugary drinks, eat healthy proteins..some beans irritate arthritic joints, so easy on those.

    4. Did that, and every other solution under the sun. They stopped 2 years ago, but even on a backpacking trip last year when I forgot my stove insert, I forced down a half cup of cold instant coffee in 28 degree weather. Worse coffee ever!!

    5. Promotion of unproven medicine is quackery. Where’s the proof?

    6. The statement…”boosts your immune system”…is diagnostic of a
      significant ignorance of medicine and/or biology.

      The mammalian immune system consists of a number of components, all of which are maintained in a three-way balance.

      The immune system must:

      [1] Recognize the body’s tissues as “self” and not react against them.

      [2] Recognize foreign substances as “not-self” and react to neutralize and eliminate them.

      [3] Not react to anything with such vigor that the organism (the
      “owner” of the immune system) is damaged (or killed).

      To achieve this balance, the immune system has an incredibly complex system of “checks and balances” – regulatory cells (e.g. T-helper and T-suppressor cells) and hormones (e.g.cytokines) – that minutely adjust the immune response so that (if everything works right) it is no more and no less active than it needs to be.

      Both under-response and over-response of the immune system lead to (or, in fact, are) disease states. This is why anyone who proposes to “boost the immune system” clearly does not know anything about it. Which part are you proposing to boost? And why would you want to “boost” a part of a complex interconnected system?

      Fortunately for the people who take these nostrums, they don’t work. Imagine the carnage (at a cellular level) if a person were to take something that boosted, say, their plasma cells’ production of antibodies. Or what about “boosting” the T-suppressor cells? Again, it’s fortunate that these “remedies” are inert, cuz if they did what they said they do, people would be dying in the streets.

    7. Can you add a pinch of cayenne as well??

    8. no freaking way!!! leave my coffee alone!!!

    9. This would give me huge soars in my mouth and make me sick as anything !!!

    10. I saw this recently … but, when I look at & smell my morning cuppa … I am thinking “nah” … “I’ll have some of that later”!

    11. Be careful of lemons. Takes enamel off your teeth. N won’t come back….

    12. turmeric works better if it is simmered for about ten minutes in water and if you add some freshly ground black pepper to it it increases the absorption significantly …

      • Hi Cynthia!

        Exactly how do you make your tea? What is the recipe and what are the instructuons, I’d really like to begin making and drinking it.

        I’d love your input, if you don’t mind?

        Thanks so much!



    13. On the other hand promotion of proven medicine is killing people, at least the drink is real and natural….you gotta give it that Ron ; )

    14. Proven medicine doesn’t kill people. It saves millions of lives.
      Just because something is “natural” doesn’t mean it’s safe, effective or better. Arsenic is natural. Poison oak is natural.
      So is hemlock. Many natural herbs have harmful poisons and bad side effects.
      from castor bean plants is 100% natural. Ricin is estimated to be many
      thousands times more lethal than both cyanide and rattlesnake venom.

      Nature has an abundant supply of potentially dangerous chemicals.

    15. I prefer lemon/ ginger tea. More flavor than just plain lemon.

      • Says all the people that have died this year alone from the flu who have had the flu vaccine!! You sir are the one who needs to do the research!!

    16. I am drinking this right now…yum

    17. I drink organic tart cherry juice twice a day. 2 tbsp in the morning and then 2 tbsp at bedtime. It’s really helped ease pain in my lower back.

    18. I do the same but cayenne instead of cloves

    19. I add fresh grated ginger & honey, for fighting flu.

    20. Taste great…on my second cup…

    21. I would be interested in trying it with coconut milk at night with added clove to help with sleeping.

    22. tumeric is disgusting to taste. i made this and its not drinkable.

    23. what, give up my coffee!!!??

    24. I keep curry powder out and put it on anything I can. Things that don’t dissolve in drinks ends up at the bottom and you get a whole mouthful in your last sip. Not pleasant.

    25. Started this morning…:)

    26. Michelle Dorsey can’t wait for my tumeric tincture

    27. TUMERIC is a great, healthy, very popular spice used in ISTANBUL, INDIA, MOROCCO… etc…
      Ei: tumeric chicken dish, very popular to order in Indian restaurants. I work with a major airline so I get to try a variety! Fav’s are Thai.;)

    28. Hi Michelle Dorsey, Gigi Limon.
      Does this Really work?
      I fly a lot. Work for a global airline, so I get jet-lagged and have inflammation issues on joints,… but rarely sick.
      Btw-luv my coffee in the morning! 😉

    29. just started leaving out the tra and will now add the turmeric for a try! Sounds good!

    30. Hi Caroll Henry de Frahan I have finromyalgia and I use it in my smoothies but the powder form, Michelle Dorsey just got the tincture.. Yes I love it.. Safe flying ❤️

    31. If you rigorously read research… turmeric is *anything* but “quackery”… but my understanding is the minimum dose of efficacy is a gram… closer to 1/2 tsp… better add more later in the day.

    32. I have been drinking this now about 3 weeks, I love it……………

    33. is it true, the lemon is bad for your teeth? I love how it curbs the appetite.

    34. I love it and I add a little honey for sweetness. I started seeing a naturopath doctor several years ago and what an amazing difference. So many natural healers out there, but some of the medical professions have a negative take on it and I think in some cases its due to the fact that the Pharmaceutical companies are giving them lots of kick backs. I have found more people suffer from the medications than the natural remedies. But just because it is natural does not mean its good. Check with a good naturopath one that you trust. I use Young Living Essential oils and the lemon Essential oil can be used instead of a lemon slice and it has a lower amount of acidity which will help prevent your enamel on your teeth from being targeted. Ask a Naturopath, research it yourself, try it and if it works for you – to hell with what others say! I know that my positivity has increased to my use of more natural medicines and maybe others should try it!