• Moringa Can Supercharge Nutrient Content Of Baked Goods

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    Moringa, native to parts of Africa and Asia, is the sole genus in the flowering plant family Moringaceae. Moringa oleifera's health benefits have long since been well understood and cherished by the people of Asia and Africa.  Find out why you should be cooking with it and in what form is best!  If you haven't started using this, you need to get it in your household.  Once you read how jammed packed full of vitamins and nutrient, you'll be wondering why you haven't had it in the past!

    Click the link below to find out how, Moringa Can Supercharge Nutrient Content Of Baked Goods

    Moringa Can Supercharge Nutrient Content Of Baked Goods

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    89 Responses to “Moringa Can Supercharge Nutrient Content Of Baked Goods”

    1. Thanks be to God for this wonderful vegetable plant-moringa oleifera.

    2. Stacy Sherman Whaley, Alex Joseck, Eric Mason, Amy Friend-Creech, Annanth Waraich

    3. Interested ??? Message me and I can tell you about “the moringa company”!!!

    4. Message me for details

    5. I drink it daily and am thankful for its benefits.

    6. Check out “evolveyourdna.com”

    7. Love it. Choosefitlife.com

    8. I sell moringa. Mess.me

    9. Been using Moringa for 6yrs! Love it!

    10. In the Caribbean..especially Jamaica…… It is also known as “the tree of life” .

    11. The product Zija is the Moringa King . They have it figured out. Call me if you want more info. The product I have ever used and it comes from God’s miracle tree.

    12. No no, message me.
      Ha Ha Ha.

    13. Sharon Skillen Ziegeman. I haven’t read this yet but thought of you!

    14. Amazing product. Superior formulation utilizing the entire plant, only available to Zija! I lost 43 lbs taking it and regained my mental health to change my life! I am a lifer…if anybody wants to hear my full story or has questions about it my email is caseygrondahl@hotmail.com

    15. ZIJA!!! ALL THE WAY!!! They have created phenomenal super healthy products with Moringa!

    16. Busca tu pais y haz click en nuestra pagina!!!

    17. Crystal L YoungShane MctaggartRoxanne Wright Brandi Lee

    18. Crystal L Young Shane Mctaggart

    19. Love this supplement try the best moringa in the uk …

      120 CAPSULES £12
      1LB BAGS £25

      Moringa Nutritionuk

    20. Definitely! Or family’s been drinking zijas moringa for 3 years and we wouldn’t be without.

    21. I swear by Moringasource.com
      Great and inexpensive deals… Plus available on Amazon.com
      Why pay all that $$$ when you only need to pay $24.00 for 350 capsules through http://www.moringasource.com

    22. Wish Zija had not changed from cane sugar to stevia – can’t do stevia. Are there other companies that sell moringa (whole plant-not just leaves, and not kiln dried?) Monica Marcu was referenced on Aloha, but when I emailed the company, they said they just have the leaves and did not have info on the sourcing or harvesting. Would love to be able to take this again.
      Freddie Offutt Charlton

    23. Kristi the xm3 shots do not have stevia 🙂

    24. http://Www.egasser.myzija.com ☆ ☆ ☆ all constuent parts of the mighty moringa tree! Shade dried to preserve nutrient density! Over 90 verifiable nutrients in 1 serving. ..only zija international! !

    25. Erica- that one made me too jittery. Even tried to dilute it into 2 drinks. What else do you suggest. I use the tea, but that is not enough. Maybe the protein powder? No – that’s whey based right?

    26. This is how I start my day!!!

    27. Rich Porter
      Terrenia Porter
      Alisa Lyn Porter
      Melissa Porter Tensmeyer
      Jennie Rowell
      Lyndee Mae Porter

    28. The protein is 20 g protein has 25 grams of moringa in each serving but it also has stevia, yes it whey protein – They do have a daily tea and also the pm capsules contain moringa

    29. Vedeka Amodio I have a friend that sells everything Morenga including the tea, oil, powder etc if you need anything let me know x

    30. I’ve been growing this plant for a couple of years now 🙂
      It’s great for getting a good start to the day and for fighting off & preventing sickness.


    32. I love Moringa. My asthma puffer after years and years is a thing of the past since taking Moringa daily.