• Moringa Can Supercharge Nutrient Content Of Baked Goods

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    Find out how adding Moringa powder to any baked good is a great way to their overall nutrient content!  The article below we found over at our friends, Natural News.  Read up, it's a great article and be sure to share it!

    After writing about the superfood moringa, I received an abundance of inquiries from Natural News readers on social media and my website about the different ways to consume it. I wanted to share with you one great way to incorporate moringa into your diet as well as why it will benefit you.

    Baked goods made with refined wheat flour are deficient in essential nutrients

    Baked goods are very popular for many reasons. They are delicious, inexpensive, and can take many forms from chocolate chip cookies to pizza crust.  Global Industry Analysts reports that the baked goods industry is expected to exceed $310 billion in 2015.  The majority of baked goods are made with refined wheat flour which is mostly devoid of nutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Many people opt for whole wheat flour but it still is not a significant source of nutrients.


    Adding moringa powder to baked goods is a great and tasty way to boost their nutrient content

    Moringa is the most nutrient dense food ever discovered. It makes sense that adding it to baked goods would yield health benefits.

    Dried moringa leaf powder contains…

    • 10x the Vitamin A of carrots
    • 17x the Calcium of milk
    • 15x the Potassium of bananas
    • 25x the Iron of spinach
    • 9x the Protein of yogurt
    • 4x more Fiber than oats
    • 4x more Chlorophyll than wheatgrass
    • 1/2 the Vitamin c of oranges (7x vitamin c for fresh leaves)

    A study published in the Journal of Food Quality found that substituting between 5% to 15% of flour with moringa powder increased the protein, iron, calcium, β-carotene and dietary fiber content of cookies. After learning this I went straight to the test kitchen to experiment. I have been substituting 10% of flour with 10% moringa powder to some of my favorite recipes with fantastic results.  The taste of the added moringa is very subtle and quite good.  Try to make some nutritious creations such as moringa chocolate chip cookies, moringa oatmeal bread, moringa zucchini bread, and moringa pizza!


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    Read Full Article: http://blogs.naturalnews.com/study-shows-moringa-can-supercharge-nutrient-content-baked-goods/


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      • Ed, you can purchase Zija’s Moringa in Canada. It is the only enzymatically alive product that contains all the beneficial parts of the tree. To me, adding it to baked goods would be wasting it. Most of what you find on the market is void of nutrition anyway because of the way it is processed. It needs to be enzymatically alive to get the most nutritional benefit from it. Cooking kills the enzymes and destroys most of the nutritional content.

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