• Is Chemotherapy A Waste Of Money?

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  • Is Chemotherapy A Waste Of Money?

    As per this Naturopathic Doctor, more often than not, chemotherapy does not work. It continues being utilized due to the amount of money people make on it. On the off chance that a specialist endorses an antibiotic, he or she gets no kickback. At the same time with chemo, a doctor/specialist gets an enormous pay out.  You will learn all you need to know about chemo therapy in this 5 minute video.

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    Is Chemotherapy A Waste Of Money?

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    6 Responses to “Is Chemotherapy A Waste Of Money?”

    1. I agree that drug companies are making lots of money off chemo and don’t want to cure cancer BUT I completely disagree that chemo does not work! My 3cm lump completely disappeared due to chemo! You can’t tell me it does not work…I’m living proof it does!

    2. yes it works…it shrunk my tumor in my breast and prevented metastisis

    3. I’ve heard of quite a few success stories of people who did NOT use chemotherapy and they are cancer free as well.

    4. What a bunch of crap that was and since the financial aspect doesn’t apply to canada why would we use it if it didn’t work, how many lives will he shorten if people listen to this fool

    5. I didn’t take chemo. and I’m cancer free for 2 1/2 years now.