• Increase Your Food IQ !

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  • There are so many Food we can eat that can give us many health benefits. One of these is the Melon.  This fruit not only tasted great, but has many health benefits to it.  The great thing is they are always available in your local grocery store and are usually a good price.  Read more and know what benefits you can get.

    Benefits We Can Get From Melon


    1. Lower High Blood Pressure
    2. Reduce the formation of plaque in arteries
    3. Maintain healthy eyes and good bone
    4. Control blood pressure, suitable for people with hypertension
    5. Reduce blood glucose level safe to eat for people with diabetes
    6. Reduce the risk of cancer
    7. Maintain healthy heart, lung, blood vessel
    8. Helps the metabolism of the body










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    One Response to “Increase Your Food IQ !”

    1. Cantaloupes over Mangoes have more nutrition…..they are awesome! See what Jay Kordich, the Father of Juicing has to say about them! ‘H’