• How To Make A Coconut Oil Skin Polish And Cleanser

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    The very natural and useful coconut oil is has got many health benefits, be it for your skin or hair and also a healthy option used for cooking. Today we have a homemade coconut oil skin polish that's both natural, cheap and good for your skin!

    The coconut is truly one of nature’s greatest gifts to us. As a food source, it is virtually unmatched (of what other edible substance than coconut milk could it be said that it had the potential to be used intravenously in a survival emergency?) And recently, many people have been discovering the many amazing benefits of coconut oil.

    Here’s a great recipe we just discovered for an all-natural skin care product that you can easily make yourself. In case you have not tried it, coconut oil is amazing for the skin – it just seems to nourish it and “go right in”, leaving your skin hydrated, supple and super-soft. If you use coconut oil on your skin regularly, I would be really surprised if you did not report a tremendous all-round improvement.

    coconut oil polish

    Camp Wander’s coconut oil skin polish formula also comes with the ability to customize the essential oils used – and with a touch of class they give 3 “custom blends”: “Blemishes”, “Hydrating / Healing” and “Anti-Aging”.

    This is a fantastic recipe, all natural with not a petrochemical in sight, and super easy to make with readily-available ingredients. These will make excellent gifts also!

    ~ Coconut Oil Skin Polish Recipe ~

    2 cups organic coconut oil
    1/2 cup sweet almond or avocado oil
    1 cup cornmeal

    Soften coconut oil, whip in the almond or avocado oil, blend in cornmeal.

    Warmed in oven to soften coconut oil.

    Cornmeal and oils blended together with hand mixer.
    Blemishes be Gone Blend
    (per 4 oz jar)
    15 drops Lavender
    5 drops Melaleuca
    Coconut oil is F A B U L O U S for problem skin because of it’s anti~bacterial and anti~microbial properties!  Melaleuca for a deeper clean and Lavender to calm and soothe skin.
    Hydrating and Healing Blend
    (per 4 oz jar)
    15 drops Lavender

    5 drops Geranium

    For my aging skin, I add anti~aging EOs:  8 drops Frankincense, 5 drops Helichrysum, 2 drops Myrrh and 2 drops Geranium per 4 oz jar.  I recommend using the All in One Polish and Cleanser twice a week, see what works best for you.HOW TO…

    Add the oils of your choice to the jars BEFORE you add the warmed oils.  Once filled, take a small whisk or a tiny spoon and very gently stir the EOs to blend ALL of the oils.  Let sit for an hour until cool and put the lids on snuggly!
    Recipe fills (five) 4 oz jam jars.  Talk about a great gift!



    Read full article: http://campwander.com/2013/09/coconut-oil-skin-polish-essential-oil/

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