• How To Get Rid Of A Rash Under Or Between Breasts

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  • A lot of women get a rash under their breasts or sometimes even between them.  If you've even had, you know how annoying and irritating it can be.  There are many reasons why you are getting these rashes!  Learn how to get rid of this rash naturally and the steps you can take to prevent it from coming back.

    The redness and irritation of the skin under the breast is known as breast rash. The breast rashes can be itchy and are sometimes painful. In some people it shows worse symptoms like blisters and scaly appearance of the skin. Hot and humid conditions are the main triggers causing the rashes under breasts. In medical terms the rashes occurring in skin folds are known as Interigo. Breast rashes are common in women who are diabetic, overweight or who have large pendulous breasts or during pregnancy. Usually rash under the breast develop when the lower part of the breast rests on the chest and the skin on the chest traps moisture and perspiration. The moisture trapped area becomes the breeding ground of bacteria, fungus and other infections. The redness and itching in the area causes discomfort to the person and are embarrassing. There are several possible causes and one of the most common causes is cutaneous candidiasis, which is a type of yeast infection.

    Breast rash

    The Different Causes Of Rash Under Breasts

    Some of the major causes of rash under breasts are

    1. Prickly heat
    2. Fungus
    3. Scabies
    4. Bacteria
    5. Allergy
    6. Breast cancer

    1. Prickly Heat

    This is also known as malaria rubra. Exposure to humid and hot weather causes prickly heat

    • Red itchy bumps develop under the breasts due to the blockage of sweat glands
    • Rashes start as tiny blisters  and progress to form the bumps
    • The rashes usually clear up within a few days
    • It is necessary to keep the area cool and dry

    2. Fungus

    Cutaneous candidiasis is a fungal infection. Yeast is a fungus which can grow in the warm and moist areas of the skin.

    • The infection causes the skin to become bright red
    • In some cases the infected areas start to weep and peel
    • Glucose in the perspiration of the person accelerates the yeast growth
    • People with poorly controlled diabetes are more prone to yeast infection.

    3. Scabies

    This is caused by a parasite called scabies mite.

    • This parasite causes persistent itchy rash as it burrows into the top layer of the skin.
    • Groups of reddish bumps with fine wavy lines are the main symptom of this condition
    • Though mostly affects armpits, groin, nipples , they can also affect the skin under the breast


    Preventing Rash Under Breast

    There are different methods to prevent rash under breasts. They are

    • Keeping the area of the skin moisture and perspiration free
    • If the rashes are caused by fungus infections, reduce the starch and sugar intake.
    • Wash the area with boric acid solution to prevent the growth of fungus
    • Do not use bras made of synthetic clothes
    • Do careful laundering of clothes if there are chances of rashes due to scabies mite
    • Stress can cause the rashes itchier, so avoid stress to prevent itching of the rashes
    • Stay cool as possible by turning on a fan or air conditioner
    • Change your soap, or other cosmetic hygiene products which may cause rashes on the skin
    • Avoid wearing improperly fitting bra or underwire bra which may cause rash under the breasts
    • Use supportive bras which will lift the lower part of the breast from the area touching the chest
    • If heavy breasts are the reason for developing rashes , losing weight will help to control the problem

    Usually it is easy to prevent or get rid of rash under breasts using home remedies and prevention methods. Rarely it becomes uncontrollable and you will need to consult a doctor to get rid of the problem.

    When To See A Doctor?

    It is necessary to see a doctor for the rashes under the breasts if, the rashes are accompanied by the following symptoms
    • Severe pain
    • Fever
    • Rashes or sores that won’t heal
    •  The signs and symptoms of the breast rashes are getting worse or lasting for more than a week.

    Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Rash Under Breasts

    Though people compare breast rash with serious disorders of the skin such as eczema and psoriasis, they are very simple to handle. Since the main reasons for rash under the breast are excessive sweating and an ill-fitting bra, the home remedies should be based on avoiding these conditions. You can try the following home remedies to avoid the visit to a doctor.

    Corn Starch

    This is considered as one of the most effective ingredients used to get rid of rash under breasts. This remedy will help to deal with the burning and itching sensation associated with breast rash. Clean the affected area with a mild soap and water and pat dry with a clean towel. Once the affected area of the body is completely dry you can dust corn starch lightly over it. Wait for ten minutes and clean the area using cold water. Never apply corn starch when there is moisture in the skin. This will increase the risk of developing fungal infection. Repeat this remedy twice a day to get rid of the rash.

    Avoid Sleeping With Bra

    Another easy and effective home remedy on how to get rid of rashes under the breasts is to do away with your bras while sleeping at nights. It would be better for you to wear a loose fitting cotton cloth or T-shirt when you hit the bed every night. This will help in easily healing the heat rashes under your breasts. If you are in the peak summer, it is advisable that you sleep without wearing even loose fitting cotton top to prevent from getting rashes under your breasts.

    Lemon Juice

    Application of lemon juice extracts mixed with three to four teaspoons of water to the rashes area under the breasts will help in preventing the growth of the infection and will also help in quick healing of the skin.

    Garlic Extract

    Make a fine paste of 8 to 10 fresh garlic cloves and apply it to the rashes that you see under the breasts. Garlic has antifungal and antiseptic properties and will help in quickly healing the rashes as well as prevent infection from spreading.


    The harsh chemical residue left on your washed clothes could also be the culprit that causes rashes under your breasts. You can easily solve this problem by wearing clothes that are washed with half a cup of vinegar solution mixed in half a bucket of water.

    Choosing The Right Bra

    Make sure that you go for a bra that fits comfortably on your breasts and never go for tight ones. Also go for ones that are mixed with cotton and has high grade elastic materials to support the bottom of your breasts.

    So, are you worried about the rashes under your breasts? Do you want to try out the best home remedies to easily get rid of the rash problems under your breasts? Then, all you have to do is to go through the above home remedy tips and choose the one that best suits you.


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