• Grow Back Your Receding Gums Back Naturally

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  • Receding gums is often a sign of gum disease. If the gum starts to recede, the tooth surface is exposed and the bacterias starts to damage the tissues.  Obviously this is not a good thing, as your teeth can get sensitive and may cause a tooth ache or worse you could lose the tooth or teeth involved.

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    Grow Back Your Receding Gums Back Naturally

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    12 Responses to “Grow Back Your Receding Gums Back Naturally”

    1. I cleaned up my diet to start feeling better and changed to a natural toothpaste (baking soda and coconut oil) and they grew back. I was shocked. I wasn’t even doing it for that reason. It was just a bonus!

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    3. We have been making our own toothpaste with extra virgin organic coconut oil and baking soda. Within a week we noticed whiter teeth and healthier looking gums. There has also been a decrease in sensitivity. Our diet has evolved into mostly raw fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, chicken and fish. And it shows because we are getting younger every day! 🙂

    4. Angela how much of each do you use to make it?

    5. i have been a dental hygienist for 34 years. NOTHING will grow gum tissue back. The key is prevention.

    6. Anything about this is important

    7. Gums don’t grow back after they have receded fake message

    8. I smell bullshit… My friend is a dentist and said the same thing.