• Exchange Antihistamine Meds and Steroid Nasal Sprays With This Natural Anti Hayfever Recipe

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  • If you have had hayfever for several years running and/or if the symptoms are really severe, it is advisable to visit a practitioner. But why pursue any medication when natural remedies are far more effective, working and aligning with your body and without side effects? Here is a recipe to get rid of your Hayfever naturally.

    There are very specific and dangerous side effects involved with using medications to control allergies and histamine responses. For millions of hayfever sufferers, there are low-cost and extremely effective natural juices that are healthy, tasty and capable of banishing those seasonal sniffles without the side effects of drugs.

    Why pursue any medication when natural remedies are far more effective, working and aligning with your body and without any side effects?

    Anti-Hay fever Juice or Smoothie

    The key is to combine anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory ingredients, offering an alternative remedy to dreaded condition. If you don't have a juicer a smoothie made in a blender will suffice.

    Primary ingredients should include pineapple, lemon, apple, grapefruit, ginger, peppermint, mint and other fruits full of vitamin C to enhance the pollen-leveling effects and minimise the immune system's response.

    1 Piece of Ginger (thumb size)
    1/2 Organic Lemon (including zest and skin)
    1 Apple
    1/2 cup Chopped Pineapple
    3 Peppermint Leaves
    Mint for garnish

    Hayfever affects one in five people at some point in their lives and this year, the pollen count is said to be twice as high as usual.

    The number of hayfever sufferers may reach epidemic proportions in the next two decades as rising pollution levels trapping pollen in the atmosphere, experts have warned and skyrocketing numbers are battling the symptoms.

    Sufferers should drink the juice every morning throughout the hayfever season, which runs from late March to September, and reach for another throughout the day if they need it.

    The ingredients have natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties that help to suppress and relieve the symptoms of hay fever as well as aiding your body in the fight against the pollen.

    ‘The pineapple, apple and lemon produce a serious kick of vitamin C a powerful antioxidant that you should be taking more of throughout the summer if you suffer from hayfever. Peppermint helps relieve nasal and sinus congestion and the ginger is anti-inflammatory.

    Ideally the juice should be consumed every morning throughout hay fever season and a few weeks in advance if possible, then supplemented in the day if symptoms are particularly bad.

    As an all-natural remedy this fights with your body rather than against it and also helps to boost energy and aid nutrition.

    Traditionally people have turned to various different natural remedies to ease their hayfever symptoms. They include a spoonful of honey in the morning, thought to desensitize sufferers to pollen.

    The theory goes that because the pollen bees collect is the heavy-grained variety, it doesn't cause problems.

    Other natural remedies include chamomile tea with lemon oil and a concoction of boiled grapefruit and lemon juice, while others drink peppermint tea to relieve sinus and nasal congestion.


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