• Eat More Fruits! Learn What Fruits Do What In Your Body!

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  • Eating Fruits provides health benefits. People who eat more fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet are likely to have a reduced risk of some diseases. Did you know? Recent Dutch study found that each 25-gram daily increase of fruits was associated with a lower risk of stroke.

    Fruits And Their Benefits

    fruits   Apples– Heart health and immune boosters. Bananas– Rich in potassium, potent energy booster. Blueberries– Cancer fighters and heart health. Cherries– Calm the nervous system. Grapes– Blood health, improve blood circulation. Kiwis– Energy boosters and brain health. Mangoes– Potent cancer fighter. Oranges– Eye and brain health. Pineapples– Detox and fight inflammation. Peaches– Anti-aging, free radical scavenger and cancer fighters. Strawberries– Anti-aging, boost red blood cells and cancer fighters. Watermelon– Rich in lycopene, improve blood flow and cardiovascular health.

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