• Honey On Tap Directly From Your Own Beehive: Flow Hive

    A revolutionary beehive invention is making history, allowing you to harvest your own honey without opening a hive and with minimal disturbance to the bees. The crowd-funding campaign surpassed its goal in less than 10 minutes and will soon surpass $6 million.

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    The DIY Heater That Will Keep You Warm And Help You Cut Energy Costs

    This incredible DIY heater can reach temperature of 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit, and the pot will remain warm for hours even after the candle has gone out!

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    baby powder

    Problems That Can Be Solved With Baby Powder

    You don’t have to spend a ton of money to solve the problems you may be having. Instead of going to the supermarket, just open your medicine cabinet. Baby powder can be the perfect cure for it.

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    Top 7 Uses for Baking Soda in the Garden!

    Baking soda can replace many harsh and toxic household cleaners and provide excellent results.  There is a lot of talk and information out there on how you can use baking soda in your house, but did you know you can use it in your garden? There is no secret at how useful Baking Soda can […]

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    June For Gardening is Possible

    By June, the garden is in full swing. Everything is planted and growing. And it is also considered as the harvest time. But it’s not too late to plant a great garden, even in June.

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    How To Make Your Own Recycled Barrel Planter

    Creating a stunning garden isn’t difficult, all you need is a bit of know-how and you’re good to go! And here is a way on how to make your own Recycled Barrel Planter.

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    11 Natural Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away

    The Mosquitoes are a family of small, midge-like flies. Although a few species are harmless or even useful to humanity, most are considered a nuisance because they consume blood from living vertebrates, including humans.

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    Learn the Best Perennial Vegetables to Grow in your Garden

    Learn the Best Perennial Vegetables to Grow in your Garden. You can plant vegetables that will come back year after year! Learn how and what to plant!

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    Gourmet Garlic: Hardneck vs. Softneck Garlic

    Garlic is a common thing we use in our kitchen, but did you know that it has two categories? Read this article and see their differences.

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