• Cancer Survivor Shared The Recipe That Saved Her Life

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  • Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth. A woman has claimed she has cured her cancer with only 2 natural ingredients.  Find out what they are and how to prepare them.

    Click the link below to know the recipe that saved the life of a cancer survivor

    Cancer Survivor Shared The Recipe That Saved Her Life

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    41 Responses to “Cancer Survivor Shared The Recipe That Saved Her Life”

    1. ginger and honey..sounds great

    2. Read it and do your research.

    3. I wonder if you could use ginger essential oils?

    4. Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidants, tons of healing Enzymes. .not surprised at all it helped her.

    5. I am going to try this I drink Chia tea all day with ginger n honey

    6. Get raw honey from a health food store that is solid and not liquid

    7. great for fighting arthritis

    8. if it were that easy, everyone could do it and cancers would be gone…oh come on…really….yes it can help with anti-inflammatory ect. but to cure…I don’t buy it

    9. I am wondering if it would be ok to add it to hot water to make a drink, or does it have to be consumed in the thick stage, direct from the spoon? Does anybody know?, or opinions, pls.

    10. Don’t add heat… it will destroy the enzymes, etc. RAW all the way.

    11. and Donna…… exactly right…. you wouldn’t buy it. But you would buy into the multi-gazillion dollar cancer treatment modes, I’m guessing. Just do the math, it’s very basic economics. Ginger/honey= cheap.
      Chemo/Radiation/surgeries/etc. = big big bucks. But we’re scared to death… literally.

    12. what is it. this pages are a pin to see.

    13. this may help many things but if it was a cure everyone with cancer would be doing this.

    14. Well, isn’t that amazing? She knows more than all the scientists who’ve been studying this for years and years.

    15. Pretty sure it would def put you in remission
      Thank you…
      Going to try this for hubby who has precancerous cells in bowel. He has flare up now of the worst kind of Crohns
      Going to have the surgery.

    16. This is very true. This has been going on from generations in our family. Ginger and honey only for our colds and cough 2 table spoon 3 × a day.just try it and it will also make your lung stronger. I also take it everyday in the morning even without colds.

    17. They have just hidden it from us! They make too much money off people being sick! SAD

    18. Og good grief. It only it was that simple.

    19. Yes this is true, it happened that day the sun rose in the West!!

    20. Yall are truly dumb. It can aid but not cure. Like common.

    21. Cynthia Donohue read this to Danny

    22. yup. good to post such nonsense. Now someone as nutty as her with cancer will think they can be cured by drinking this.

    23. Read this Lisa Kavanagh Rideout

    24. I have been told by my doctors that I am a walking miracle. I had stage 4 non hodgkins lymphoma, Had had 5 bouts of chemo including a stem cell transplant. It kept returning after a short remission. I put myself on a diet so I could be put into an alkaline state. It worked I was cancer free after a few weeks. According to my doctors I should have been dead not cured. I have a friend who used maplesyrup and honey and she too won her battle. She had a tumor in her lungs from mastisized uterine cancer. 12 days later it was gone. I believe that sometimes there are just miracles that happen. I am one

    25. Yhe doc.’s & scientists know they R just not saying CANCER is a big Money Maker

    26. there is lots of harm. The harm happens again and again because people share this pseudoscience bull$#%&!@* and people that dont know any better tey and follow it which leads them away from traditional medicine and kills them. Death seems pretty harmful to me!

    27. Excuse me. Let me clarify. I meant no harm in trying along with traditional medicine.

    28. it won’t open properly for me…….what are the ingredients?

    29. Catherine Porper kind of interesting

    30. Honey is natural but it’s also sweet. So be careful when consuming honey in such large quantities. Cancer loves sugar. Please do research before doing this. I am all for alternative healing. However the sugar part scares me.