• Cancer Cells Commit Suicide With This Plant

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    Cannabis is widely known for its healing power, especially in cancer. But here is an explanation from a biologist on how Marijuana Cannabis causes cancer cells to commit suicide. Yes, it's hard to believe but once you read this article you will be a believer too!

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    Cancer Cells Commit Suicide With This Plant

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    38 Responses to “Cancer Cells Commit Suicide With This Plant”

    1. IMO posts like this are fantastic who agrees?

    2. Is this true tho, how does one really know?

    3. Check endo cannabinoid system

    4. Check out this site: c.k.c. (cannabis kills cancer)

    5. @[100000362288356:2048:Kristine Brouwer]. Interesting article!

    6. This plant needs to get out of the illegal category so more reseach can be done. It’s way past time for this.

    7. I believe it’s true. I’ve been told I have a touch of breast cancer. Early May. It was 11mm. I found Cheech and Chong’s doctor. Started taking CBD oil capsules. (Also a naturopath along with a crap load of detox and nutrition stuffs) and on August 3rd. It measured 7.6mm.
      Amazeballs eh? I’m going in Monday for a measurement. I’m encouraged. Woot! Pray in my direction please?

    8. It’s about to be some happy cancer patients!

    9. I wish there were more controlled studies with this like with chemo. It’s very expensive to be treated this way. This route I wish i could have taken.

    10. With all these homeopathic cures they still have not find a cure for cancer. Okaaay.

    11. Not really. Most people think holistic medicine is quackery and prefer chemo and drugs.

    12. They’d still make it illegal to grow…otherwise big pharma couldn’t make $$$$

    13. I hope so but even if it’s not, cannabis still has many many positives.

    14. I pray you are completely cancer free soon!!! In Jesus name! I’m all for the more natural way! Thank you for sharing

    15. perhaps some great study should go into this subject…

    16. Should choose such a pleasant word!

    17. Yes that would be awesome and it could help a lot maybe that’s why they don’t want to legalize it not everywhere

    18. Ya it needs to be legalize but the gov. should NOT be profiting of the people who need this they have enough expenses as it is

    19. IF I didn’t approve of this herb! This would NOT make it better jeesh….

    20. Wow never knew weed cure cancer, oh that’s right it doesn’t. It only treats the pain while your dying from the cancer

    21. Vickie Koehler Rusk…didn’t read it yet but want to tag you.

    22. posts like this are why I love social media

    23. smokeing it didnt save me daughter from skin cANCER..

    24. Cancer is due to wrong treatments. A treatment must be done with living cells and not with drugs(pills) that are dead cells. So first restore all systems and organs according to my invention with plants + cannabis: ALL living cells and you are healed! http://www.logicalwayhealing.com – 10 years experience .