• Apple Peels More Effective At Decreasing High Blood Pressure

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  • A new study suggests that eating apples each day could significantly improve the heart health of middle-aged adults in just one month. A great article we found at Prevent Disease explains why.

    Previous research has found that ursolic acid from apple peels can help to fight growing waistlines by increasing calories burned. The natural substance found in apple peel can partially protect mice from obesity and some of its harmful effects.

    In the latest study, researchers from Nova Scotia Agricultural College tested the peel and the fleshy fruit of apples separately. 

    apple peals

    The peel was found to be up to six times more effective in inhibiting an enzyme called ACE, which is known to cause hypertension and high blood pressure, according to the team's results in the journal Food Chemistry. 

    “Apples are one of the most popular and frequently consumed fruits in the world,” the Daily Express quoted the researchers as stating. 

    “Apple peel is a rich source of flavonoids which provide numerous health benefits – apple peel flavonoids inhibited the enzyme ACE,” they added. 


    Read full article: Apple Peels More Effective Than Superfoods At Decreasing High Blood Pressure

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