• An Awesome Remedy For Kidney Stones

  • The Kidney organs are significant in the body because kidneys work in empowering your body to detox, yet dispose of impurities from our circulatory system in addition to waste items from your urine. Kidney stones form when small crystals form in the kidney.  If you've had them you know how painful they can be!  This is why having a recipe like this is best to keep on hand, you never know when you or someone you know might need it!

    Click the link below to know an awesome remedy for kidney stones

    An Awesome Remedy For Kidney Stones

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    38 Responses to “An Awesome Remedy For Kidney Stones”

    1. I wish I would have seen this few months ago I had a friend that had kidney stones and they had a heck of a time trying to pass them I’m going to have to pass this on

      • I had stones 3 times, that did not work, the doctor’s will let u know that it is no medicine that dissolve kidney stones, that have to b blast and then u might pass some, or have laser surgery to break them up, that home remedies does not work, try it…

    2. Kidney ,blader formula(available at natural food /pharmacy store)works very well…..

    3. This is for you Shameika. Hope you never have anymore.

    4. Does this truly work? I used cold pressed olive oil, fresh organic lemons and CKLS(colon, kidneys, liver & spleen) with fresh organic apple juice after digestion of the mixture to rid my stones. Cleansed and passed stones for three days and then ate only organic fresh vegetables for 3 weeks. I was totally refreshened inside out and I was shocked I had saw so many various colors of green and sizes of stones.

    5. That photo looks like honey to me.

    6. Kidney Stone Remedy Recipe


      1 cup pure maple syrup
      9 ounces extra virgin olive oil
      9 ounces lemon (with peel)
      9 ounces parsley root
      9 ounces raw organic honey

      Scrub the lemon and cut into pieces with the peel still on, then put it in a blender and process. Next, clean and scrape the parsley root, cut it into chunks, add to blender and process in with the lemon. Then add the maple syrup, honey and olive oil and process once more until you get a smooth, well-blended mixture. You can store this is an airtight glass bottle in the refrigerator.

      How to Use

      Take one tablespoon of this every morning one an empty stomach, then be sure to drink a lot of fluids for the rest of the day.

      How Does This Remedy Work?

      The main active ingredient here is the lemon; consumption of this fruit is excellent for kidney stone therapy, since it raises the acidity of your urine and dissolves the calcium-based kidney stone naturally. The parsley, too, is also important, as it is a natural diuretic to help you increase urine output and flush the kidneys naturally. The honey is important, too, as it can be soothing to the irritated linings of your ureters and also provides powerful antibiotic protection for them, while the maple syrup makes the remedy palatable.

      So if you do have problems with kidney stones, consider using this home remedy to dissolve all or part of the stone naturally and make it easier to pass. It tastes delicious because of the honey and maple syrup and is really effective at treating this painful condition, making it easier to cope with.

    7. This will not work with the most common kidney stones. They can not be dissolved. That is Calcium Oxolate stones. The only ones that can be dissolved, with medication, is uric acid stones. Be informed my friends.
      -Dawn (131 stones passed and counting)

    8. I have passed 131 kidney stones and have at least 2 in my kidneys as we speak. I’ve had every test. The most common stones, the ones I have, are calcium oxalate and they can NOT be dissolved. The only ones that can, with medication, are uric acid stones. Be informed my friends.

    9. Earl Kesner this is worth a try❤️

    10. Wow wrong timr for that to pop up. Janet Sullivan Brenda-Lee Sullivan

    11. Kailee Overlid, I don’t know, but it couldn’t hurt to try when u have flare ups. ❤️

    12. As a trouble case who gets both calcium and uric acid stones, This would cause uric acid stones 🙁

    13. I also have been blessed for 20 years with oxalates and have found radishes help. Unfortunately I’m on the app on my phone so I can’t Google you a link but check it out. They don’t get rid of everything but I’m down to 2-3 rather than numerous ones. Good luck!

    14. I have been having episode with stones the last couple weeks. Trina Ann Robison

    15. Again….wonder if this works. Im more holistic or non propaganda cures…Patty Lowery Robison Blankenship

    16. Debbie Freeman might want to let your Mom read this

    17. Julie Cole tag Nana please

    18. Damion Lucas this might help

    19. Just go vegan! I had small kidneys stones for years that were extremely painful as they passed, when I switched to a vegan diet I’ve never had another stone since. Yahoo!

    20. Check out this remedy for Kidney Stone Recipe, Lisa Allen! I hope it works for you!

    21. The secret ingredient is the lemon, soo, just drink lots of lemon juice in your water. It is a natural diuretic. NO SUGAR OR Sweetner, just plain lemon juice. Get a big bottle at one of your discount stores. Lemon juice in your water plane will taste better and better as you continue to drink it. IT WORKS! Try it.

    22. Applecider vingar and lemon juice in water 1T each 8 oz water…. drink drink water flushes the body out

    23. Thanks for the share.. But unfortunately this does not work for calcium oxalate kidney stones, i have to have keyhole surgery to have a 22mm kidney stone removed, the last 2 years i have tried every online method known to the internet. Cola doesn’t work, straight lemon juice also doesn’t work, i did the herb tincture called chanca piedra for 3 months had it shipped from USA to UK and that tasted like drinking poison, but i tried it, it carried on growing. I was told by the specialist that its water we drink that is the common cause, i was drinking mineral water in bottles, 2 litres a day for 2 years. Calcium stone formers collect tiny minute particles of calcium from the water which attached to the stone making them bigger. Using any kind of sugar is only going to aggravate the kidney. I once passed a 10mm kidney stone naturally without any aid of anything online. And Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother also does not work.

      UNLESS you have had this kidney stone pain, sharing this is not going to help the sufferer.

      The pain is worse than childbirth, and i guess that reason is because having renal colic ie, labor pains for 2 solid years is going to be worse than having days of labor pain to get a beautiful baby at the end of it.