• A Recipe That Eliminates Your Cough In One Day

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  • Here's a formula for an all-natural cough syrup that is incredible for adults and children. It's cheap, tastes better than it sounds, and is much healthier than over-the-counter cough medicine you cna buy at your local pharmacy.  Go on give it a try, it just might be the only cough syrup you use for the rest of your life!

    Click the link below to know the Recipe That Eliminates Your Cough In One Day

    A Recipe That Eliminates Your Cough In One Day

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    32 Responses to “A Recipe That Eliminates Your Cough In One Day”

    1. Worth a try, I guess you will only know if you try it!

    2. Healthy and good natural healing. I used take a whole steam onion. You may want to try it too.

    3. Try taking a hot shower before bed, then slice up a whole garlic and tie to the bottom of both your feet with pieces of cloth. You will feel considerably better in the morning. The garlic acts like a poultice and pulls the cold out.

    4. It does wonders,,Put onion beside the child when sleeping and see the difference in no time,,,,

    5. one pound of onions and 3 liters of water boiled until half the water is gone-strain it and drink one to two cups per day- may sweeten with honey or lemon.

    6. Can you tape the garlic to the bottom of your feet or do the cloths serve some purpose?

    7. Can,t get the link up either???

    8. Oops, got it up now,,sounds like a winner, just hope Imdon,t need to try it. Healthy so far.

    9. Cutting up an onion peeling it and quartering it in a bowl beside your night stand or in the house dies wonders onions abdorb bacteria and viruses in the air I would just cut up onions and put them into bowls after days throw them out

    10. I can’t get the link up

    11. Tammy Germani
      Sound this next time for u- onions or not!!

    12. Click where it says ( Next Page )

    13. Can’t access via this link

    14. Can’t access the link. But I won an ipad…lol or a pick of 4 prizes….if only I would fill out the entry form. What a piss off. Thought I was getting good info. Have family members with the awful cough.

    15. Does it work for bronchitis??

    16. Second that I want to know what day you are to do this. I’ve seen so many onions lately even French onion Soup and no it doesn’t work

    17. Try clicking where it says next page

    18. My grandmother used to make this and give it to me when I wad a child. She used red onions only! I thought that it was the worse stuff EVER but YES, it did work! I always felt better the next day!

    19. can’t get the link to open and I don’t seem to have a next page

    20. Don’t waste your time It DOESNT work

    21. Left a peeled onion out for two days and it was still as nice as when I peeled it

    22. I got rid of one…using an essential oil blend and getting 9 hours sleep.

    23. Eat the a clove of Garlic raw minced on a cracker it will stop your coughing and kill the flu virus do this 4 times per day, Eat an onion sandwich it will kill your cough … I take 2 cups of water 2 onions sliced bring to a boil for about 10 to 15 min add raw minced garlic about 5 cloves drink this mixture let it sit for about 15 min then drink about 4 times per day and just before bed time you will not cough 😀 if you can’t stand this onion feeling in your mouth then strain off the juice and just drink the liquids … The other alternative is to make some dry soup mix chicken noodle soup just the broth strain off the the noodles then add the onion and garlic liquid to the chicken soup broth drink this 4 times per day you will feel better I do this every time I get the flu and sleep through no coughing 😀

    24. feels like i’m gonna need it tonight….