• A Powerful Home Remedy That Helps Lower Triglycerides !

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  • triglycerides

    Triglycerides are a type of fat found in your blood that your body uses for energy. You need some triglycerides for good health. But high triglycerides might raise your risk of heart disease and may be a sign of metabolic syndrome.  If you have high triglycerides, eating a healthier diet may help your heart. Your body uses them for energy.

    We continue to give you advices on how to surprise your body in a positive way, and tоday we recommend you try this recipe that will help you reduce triglyceride levels.


    • 2 cups /400 grams chopped celerycelery drink
    • 2.2 lbs /1 kg lemons
    • 8.5 cups /2 liters water


    Cut well washed lemons into thin slices and add the pieces in 2l of water. Put the water and lemon mixture on the stove. Chop the celery and add it to the water. Let it cook on high heat for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, take the mixture off the heat and let it cool for at least 6 hours, it is best if you do it overnight. After 6 hours strain the mixture and it is ready to be consumed.

    Nutritionists recommend consuming 100ml before your meals, three times a day. Keep the rest of the remedy on a dark and cold place.

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