• 9 Squeaky-Clean Laundry Hacks

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    Having trouble getting stains out of you or your families laundry? Do you want to make your laundry time go more efficiently?  Read more here and get some awesome tips to do so!

    Does your laundry seem like it’s never ending? This wonderful post with 9 hacks will show you how to make your laundry more manageable.

    1. White bread can blot out a lipstick stain.

    Cut off the crust, wad up the soft center into a ball, then blot. Anything that remains should come out in the washer.

    2. Hairspray and hand sanitizer beat even the worst ink stains.

    Just spray or squirt, wait about 10 minutes, and wash normally.

    3. Cold water and hand soap wash out blood stains.

    This works best while the blood’s still wet. If it’s dried, hydrogen peroxide works best.

    4. Hydrogen peroxide also kicks grass-stain butt.

    Mix 2 tbsp hydrogen peroxide and 1 tbsp dish soap with a little elbow grease for the most effective treatment.

    5. A little vinegar goes a long way.

    1 cup vinegar per load for softer, fresher smelling laundry. Use it for your towels, your workout clothes, and anything else that’s a little sour-smelling. Add it at the beginning of the wash so your clothes don’t smell vinegar-y at the end.


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