• 5 Reasons To Take Indoor Cycling Classes!

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    Both outdoor and indoor cycling is always a good exercise for health. But today, indoor cycling has become very popular for its convenience and benefits.

    indoor cycling

     By: Amanda Szlezinger

    Indoor cycling classes are here to stay and here are my top 5 reasons why you should take a class…. Trust me you will get hooked!

    1.  It’s a LOW impact activity so no damage to joints…it’s never too early to think about joint health and all the wear and tear on your knees incurred during HIGH impact activities like running and jumping.  I turned to indoor cycling after knee injuries forced me to quit running and I have never looked back and now it’s my job to inspire you to do the same  (do however consult your doctor before attempting any new activity).

    2.  The ability to burn lots of calories…probably around 400-500 for a female per 50-minute class. At the same time you increase your resting calorie burn because you are building muscle which means that your metabolism will speed up so you burn more calories even at rest.  Your cardiovascular fitness will improve and you will feel stronger and have MORE energy for everyday activities.  Your body will tone and you will look fitter and stronger.

    3.  You can work at a level to suit yourself….you control the resistance on your bike and no-one knows your level unlike in other cardio classes where people see if you aren't as strong as them so you are always keeping up….your only competition is YOU as you climb hills and sprint along flat roads.  Every week I am sure you will try and beat the level you worked at the previous week.  It is awesome as an instructor to watch people increase their stamina within weeks of starting class.  Remember everyone is a beginner at one time and then you forget how!!  And don’t forget as your strength and stamina increase so does your calorie burn.

    And as a bonus an indoor cycling class will give you a natural LEGAL high from Endorphin leaving you feeling happy and energized after class.

    So have fun and get cycling.

    photo by: www.torqcycle.com

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